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  Welcome to My Aussie way of life. Our Journey to discover the true magic of life by pursuing both personal and spiritual freedom.”

  Australia is a land of diverse cultures, rich history, and unique lifestyles./Through "My Aussie Way of Life," we aim to take you on a journey through the wonderful world of Australia, exploring its culture, faith, lifestyle, and history. With more than 150 vlogs and articles, we're here to showcase the beauty of this amazing city and beyond.

  Whether you're a local or a visitor, our multimedia platform will provide you with a fresh perspective on everything Australia has to offer. So, join us as we explore the land down under, one video at a time!


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“My Journey to discover the true magic of life by pursuing both personal and spiritual freedom.”

My Story


Greetings, my name is Bei Feng, and I am a creator of video content and a travel blogger. During my adolescence, I had the opportunity to reside in Australia after my family's immigration in 1989. Subsequently, I returned to Hong Kong to initiate my professional vocation in real estate and hospitality. However, in 2017, I experienced a calling to revisit Australia and undertake a spiritual expedition through the teachings of Jesus.


My ardor for travel, videography, and film production is fervent. Therefore, I founded the "My Aussie way of life" YouTube channel in 2021, which features a comprehensive assemblage of over 100 short videos, exhibiting diverse facets of Australian life, culture, and history.


大家好我叫倍鋒,是一位視頻內容創作者和旅行博主。青少年時期,我有機會跟隨家人於1989年移民澳大利亞並居住在那裡。隨後,與大部分移民人士-樣我回流到香港並開始了我的酒店服務業及房地產職業生涯。然而,在2017年,我受到召喚回到澳大利亞,並通過主耶穌基督的教導展開了一段靈性之旅。我對旅行、視頻攝制和電影製作有著無比熱情。因此,2021年創辦了「袋鼠自由行」YouTube頻道,其中包括超過100套短視頻,展示了澳大利亞生活、文化、信仰 和歷史。

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